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Create XML Documents With Ease

Create XML Documents With Ease

Easy Court Filing

From corporate sites to "big league" magazines & portals

Securerly log in at any time and create the necesaary XML documents based on your claim information. Our system will guide you through a step-by-step process to enter information via simple web forms with all of the validation and format checking built-in.

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Easy creation of XML documents for all forms that can be lodged electronically via NSW JusticeLink eServices.
Guaranteed up-to-date "schemas" for all documents to ensure lodgement requirements are adhered to.
Secure storage of previously created and downloaded files for future reference.
Cost-neutral service, with unique reference fields for easy identifiable on-billing to clients.
Easy reporting for administration and accounting purposes.

Custom Solutions

Custom build and integration services offering both standalone solutions and seamless interaction with established case management systems:
Affinity from Lexis Nexis
LawDocs from SoftDocs
LeapOffice from Leap Legal
... and more!

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